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Children in special needs education face £1.6bn cash shortfall

the guardian - Sun, 16/12/2018 - 02:05
Crisis looms despite £350m boost as court appeals by parents for vital funding surge

A crisis in support for children with special educational needs and disabilities could result in a £1.6bn funding shortfall and a surge in parents resorting to legal action for help, the Observer can reveal.

The latest figures come as the government announces that it is providing an extra £350m to ease the crisis over the next two years, amid growing demand for specialist support and facilities for children with complex needs.

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UK university tells Iranian student: go home and get tuition fees in cash

the guardian - Sat, 15/12/2018 - 16:00

Undergraduate at Reading hit by Trump’s sanctions fears ‘economic blockade’ against students

Iranian university students in the UK are facing suspension from their courses because of President Trump’s newly reimposed sanctions on the country.

Law student Parsa Sadat of the University of Reading is among those Iranians who risk being unable to graduate, and possibly having their student visa removed, because they are unable to pay tuition fees.

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Manifestations lycéennes en Guadeloupe : six mineurs mis en examen

lemonde_edu - Sat, 15/12/2018 - 04:03
Les adolescents ont été interpellés pour des faits de violences contre les forces de l’ordre en marge de la mobilisation étudiante.
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Anglesey school plea not to buy staff Christmas gifts

bbc education - Sat, 15/12/2018 - 02:06
Buying teachers at Rhosybol community school a festive treat will not get you on Santa's nice list.
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Star Economist at Harvard Faces Sexual Harassment Complaints

NYTimes - Sat, 15/12/2018 - 02:02
Roland Fryer’s ascent in the economics field was swift. Now he is embroiled in investigations into his workplace behavior.
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Blocage des lycées : quelques dizaines d’établissements perturbés

lemonde_edu - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 20:30
L’ampleur de la mobilisation est semblable à celle de la veille, selon le ministère, avec une soixantaine d’établissements touchés dans l’après-midi.
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Bücher: Das wahre Glück des Lesens

sueddeutsche_bild - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 19:47

Viele greifen bloß zu Büchern, die nützlich sind. Dabei liegt das Besondere beim Lesen im vermeintlich Überflüssigen.

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Blocages de lycées : des professeurs se mobilisent « pour éviter les dérapages »

lemonde_edu - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 19:47
« Soutenant les revendications » des lycéens de Guy-de-Maupassant, à Colombes, ils font tout pour « apaiser la situation ».
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Etudiants étrangers : « #BienvenueEnFrance marque le désengagement de l’Etat dans l’enseignement supérieur »

lemonde_edu - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 16:16
Dans une tribune au « Monde », un collectif de doctorants de l’Ecole polytechnique exprime son opposition à l’augmentation des frais universitaires des étudiants extracommunautaires. Cette mesure qu’il juge discriminatoire risque de dégrader fortement leur condition de travail et dévalorise le doctorat.
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We’ve got the degrees, so why do Muslim women struggle to get jobs? | Aina Khan

the guardian - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 15:00

Austerity is partly to blame, but racism and Islamophobia are still holding us back

For the last decade, more Muslim women than men are going into higher education. Armed with the professional gold dust of a degree, these women should be on the way towards a blossoming career.

However, a new report by the Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR) highlights that for Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim women like me, this glowing success vanishes as these women struggle to enter the labour market.

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Great Yarmouth school sets up food bank to help families

bbc education - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 14:51
A head teacher says the move comes after delays in the roll-out of universal credit.
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Digitalpakt: Länder rufen Vermittlungsausschuss an

sueddeutsche_bild - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 13:35

Damit kann auch der Digitalpakt zur finanziellen Unterstützung der Schulen durch den Bund vorerst nicht in Kraft treten.

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'Racist' law society disbanded by University of Exeter

bbc education - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 12:04
The Bracton Law Society at the University of Exeter has been disbanded following a major review.
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Les femmes ne font-elles jamais l’histoire ?

lemonde_edu - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 11:00
Le Conseil supérieur des programmes renvoie les femmes aux oubliettes de l’histoire, déplore Cécile Beghin, historienne et membre du bureau de l’association Mnémosyne.
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Frontline gave me a practical, creative education in social work

the guardian - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 09:56

The fast-track training programme is accused of lacking a focus on social justice, but university courses prioritise this too much

I remember my mum completing her social work training when I was in secondary school. We would pore over the books together. I always shared her commitment to working with others to support those who needed it.

My mum’s work led me to consider social work as a career that would suit my values and aspirations. I was part of the first cohort of Frontline, the fast-track training scheme for children’s social workers. I have benefited from the programme and been privileged with where it has taken me in my career. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have a different perspective to that offered in the recent piece by Anna Gupta and SocialWhatNow.

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Why do so few university graduates start their own businesses?

the guardian - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 09:00

Entrepreneurship education in universities could be deterring young graduates from starting up companies

Entrepreneurship education has been around for more than 50 years, and is vital for the future economy. Yet data shows that 4.7% of recent graduates are self-employed or freelance, with only 0.6% having actually started their own business. This compares with 8.7% of the general population who have started a business in the last three years. So why are bright young graduates deciding against setting up their own companies?

At first glance, all seems to be going well: entrepreneurship activities have never been so prevalent at universities, with modules for students both on and off business courses. Extracurricular activities include boot camps, inspirational speakers, workshops and business plan competitions, with finance, mentoring and incubator space on offer to the winners.

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'Racist' Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana

the guardian - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 08:26

Monument installed two years ago taken away in middle of night amid controversy over Gandhi’s views about Africans

A Mahatma Gandhi statue has been removed from the campus of the University of Ghana after protests from students and faculty who argue the Indian independence leader considered Africans “inferior”.

The statue was unveiled at the university in the Ghanian capital Accra two years ago but has been the subject of controversy and was removed in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leaving just an empty plinth.

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‘Ungoverned’ use of restraint and seclusion in Scottish schools criticised

the guardian - Fri, 14/12/2018 - 02:01

Children’s commissioner finds glaring inconsistencies in policy between local councils

The “ungoverned” and potentially illegal use of restraint and seclusion is taking place across Scotland’s schools, according to the country’s children and young people’s commissioner.

The commissioner’s report, seen exclusively by the Guardian, reveals thousands of largely unmonitored incidents, glaring inconsistencies in policy between local authorities and significant concerns that the techniques are being used disproportionately on children with disabilities and additional support needs.

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Poorer primary school students narrow Sats test gap

the guardian - Thu, 13/12/2018 - 20:49

51% of children eligible for free school meals met reading, writing and maths standards

Children from disadvantaged families in England are slowly closing the gap with their better-off peers in primary school attainment, although children from better-off backgrounds are more likely to get top results, according to new figures.

A detailed breakdown of results from key stage two national tests – known as Sats – taken in the final year of primary school show that 51% of children eligible for free school meals met the government’s expected standards in reading, writing and maths, compared with 70% of other pupils, a slightly narrower gap than in previous years.

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Young homeless blocked from renting, says report

bbc education - Thu, 13/12/2018 - 19:02
Only one in five landlords would let to a young person who has been homeless, says report.
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