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What a European education project can tell us about Brexit – podcast

the guardian - Δευτέρα, 18/02/2019 - 05:00

When the writer Peter Pomerantsev was a teenager, he was sent to a school that was part of the European Schools network, which counts Boris Johnson among its alumni. He discusses what the project can tell us about the EU. Plus: the Guardian’s UK technology editor, Alex Hern, on AI advancements

The writer Peter Pomerantsev was 15 when his parents moved to Germany and enrolled him at the European School in Munich. The schools were set up in 1956 with the aim of educating the students to be “in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe”. One of the architects of Brexit, Boris Johnson, attended one of the schools, in Brussels.

Pomerantsev discusses with Anuskha Asthana his experiences at the school and what the project tells us about the EU. He wonders whether the school successfully promoted integration, or actually had the opposite effect.

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Will universities go bust if fees are cut?

bbc education - Δευτέρα, 18/02/2019 - 03:17
Universities are warning of a financial crisis if a review recommends cutting the level of tuition fees.
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Schule: "Überall herrscht Mangel"

sueddeutsche_bild - Sun, 17/02/2019 - 19:23

Sonja Dannenberger, 38, leitet eine Grundschule auf dem Land, wo besonders viele Lehrer fehlen. Ein Gespräch über den schwierigen Schulalltag mit dem Lückenstopfen.

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A l’Edhec, un campus pour deux clans

lemonde_edu - Sun, 17/02/2019 - 10:00
Bachelor versus programme grande école. Sur le campus lillois de cette « business school », les étudiants mènent des vies parallèles, selon la filière qu’ils ont choisie. Dans un climat de relative indifférence.
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Peterborough University delay 'a kick in the teeth'

bbc education - Sun, 17/02/2019 - 09:49
A Labour councillor says there is "no clear direction" on a new university for Peterborough.
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May I have a word about… the not-so insightful language of academe | Jonathan Bouquet

the guardian - Sun, 17/02/2019 - 08:00
When it comes to the mangling of English, political psychologists reign supreme

My beleaguered and battered Brexit brethren, I would like to bring you relief, but monumental language mangling offers little comfort on this vexatious subject.

Consider the following from the International Society of Political Psychology: “Studies have been largely silent on whether EU attitudes are also shaped by people’s attitudes towards the principles and practices of supranational governance. This research provides a first test of the nature and role of supranational attitudes.

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The boy who taught himself to play

bbc education - Sun, 17/02/2019 - 02:24
Student Nuradean Arreythe loved classical music so much he taught himself how to play, even though he doesn’t read music or own a piano.
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Mon idée pour la France : « Généraliser les dispositifs d’accompagnement des élèves »

lemonde_edu - Sat, 16/02/2019 - 13:00
« Le Monde » a demandé à des contributeurs de tous horizons de proposer, chaque jour, une idée pour changer la France. Pierre Mathiot, professeur de science politique, préconise l’accompagnent des jeunes les plus en difficultés.
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Labour would end free market in higher education, says Rayner

the guardian - Sat, 16/02/2019 - 08:00

Shadow education secretary to outline measures including crackdown on top-tier pay

A Labour government would end the “failed free-market experiment in higher education”, taking a tougher line on vice-chancellors’ pay and improving academic diversity, the shadow education secretary is set to announce.

Angela Rayner will outline a series of major policy steps that would allow regulators to intervene in how universities in England are run, including how they recruit and reward staff.

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Parentologie : « Il a mangé sa sousoupe le bébé à papa ? »

lemonde_edu - Sat, 16/02/2019 - 07:33
L’éducation est une science (moyennement) exacte. Cette semaine, Nicolas Santolaria s’interroge sur cette gagatisation du langage qui pousse nombre d’adultes à s’adresser à leur progéniture comme s’ils avaient eux-mêmes 2 ans d’âge mental.
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The mother who lost her daughter over an EpiPen

bbc education - Sat, 16/02/2019 - 04:52
A mother ran up lawyers' bills of £60,000 fighting to stop her daughter being taken into care.
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Labour pledges to prevent universities from going bust

bbc education - Sat, 16/02/2019 - 03:16
Universities struggling financially would not be allowed to fail under a Labour government, the party says.
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'Lessons to be learnt' over older Stoke High School pupil

bbc education - Sat, 16/02/2019 - 02:01
The man, who posed as a 15-year-old pupil, was found to be an adult after an age assessment.
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Climate march students: 'We need change and we need it now'

bbc education - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 22:15
Students have protested across the UK to air their views on the issue of climate change. We talked to some of those in Manchester.
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Lycéens de Mantes-la-Jolie interpellés : la « police des polices » saisie d’une enquête judiciaire

lemonde_edu - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 20:37
L’avocat de familles plaignantes et du syndicat lycéen UNL s’est dit « dramatiquement effaré qu’il n’y ait pas eu d’enquête judiciaire ouverte depuis deux mois ».
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We failed the young on climate change – now we must listen to them | Jonathan Freedland

the guardian - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 20:01
Greta Thunberg led the way. Children skipping school to protest against global warming is an indictment of adult complacency

Such is the upside-down, topsy-turvy state of our world, that the children are now the adults and the adults are the children. In Westminster, our supposed leaders – men and women of mature vintage – keep stamping their feet and demanding what no one can give them.

They insist they should be allowed to gobble up all the birthday cake and still have cake left to eat, threatening to storm out of the European Union and slam the door behind them. As Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, rightly puts it: “Threatening to leave is the behaviour of a three-year-old who says that they are going to hold their breath if they do not get the toy that they want.”

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Schule: Abi unter Verschluss

sueddeutsche_bild - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 19:43

Längst gestellte Prüfungsfragen sind oft nicht öffentlich zugänglich. Warum eine Initiative das nun ändern will.

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Bedford: nicer than you might think – and with hidden depths

the guardian - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 18:30

So perfect that the ‘daughter of God’ bought a home in one of the redbrick terraces

What’s going for it? You might have thought of Bedford, if you’d thought of Bedford at all, as a perfectly respectable place. Good schools. Lovely parks. Smashing Victorian redbrick houses. Great train links. Surprisingly cosmopolitan (one of the most ethnically diverse towns in the country). Ooh, the Cecil Higgins Gallery, with its Edward Bawdens. That lovely waterfront. Great place to bring up kids. But Mabel Barltrop had other ideas. In 1919 she declared herself “daughter of God”, as you do, and with her pals in the Community of the Holy Ghost bought one of those redbrick terraces as a home for Christ when he materialised, perhaps outside Marks & Spencer. Mabel waited, and she waited. And waited. You can visit the museum of Mabel’s Panacea Society, in the terraces cupped round what they thought was the true location of the Garden of Eden. Bedford’s like that. Hidden depths. I haven’t even mentioned John Bunyan and all his visions.

The case against The town centre is suffering rather from high-street fatigue. It could do with a shot of energy.

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My generation trashed the planet. So I salute the children striking back | George Monbiot

the guardian - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 17:28
Across the country today, children left their classes to protest against climate change. This is my message to them

The Youth Strike 4 Climate gives me more hope than I have felt in 30 years of campaigning. Before this week, I believed it was all over. I thought, given the indifference and hostility of those who govern us, and the passivity of most of my generation, that climate breakdown and ecological collapse were inevitable. Now, for the first time in years, I think we can turn them around.

Related: Schoolchildren take to streets in UK-wide climate strike - live

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Thousands of UK students strike over climate change – video

the guardian - Fri, 15/02/2019 - 15:36

Thousands of school and university students in the UK have walked out of lessons as part of a global movement calling for action on climate change

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