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Tent of dreams

bbc education - Wed, 20/06/2018 - 02:50
On World Refugee Day, one Syrian girl talks about doing homework in a tent and her future ambitions.
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Hail Mary

bbc education - Wed, 20/06/2018 - 02:45
Mary Beard is a public thinker fighting back against sexist social media and fake news.
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The school children who live in England but are taught in Scotland

bbc education - Wed, 20/06/2018 - 02:43
More than 100 secondary pupils who live in England travel to schools in the Scottish Borders.
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Matt Hancock: schools across the UK should ban mobile phones

the guardian - Wed, 20/06/2018 - 02:06

The culture secretary who heads up the digital brief says tech makes parenting harder

The culture secretary has called on more schools to ban mobile phones.

Matt Hancock said he admired those headteachers who did not allow their use during the school day and linked social media use with the problem of bullying among young children.

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Meet the kids learning to fix punctures

bbc education - Wed, 20/06/2018 - 02:03
Meet the toddlers who are being taught how to sew, mend, bake and fix punctures at Liverpool's first intergenerational and sustainable cafe.
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Exam board 'sorry' for audio mix-up in French and Spanish A-levels

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 21:46

Students still have to apply for ‘special consideration’ to have mark adjusted, says Eduqas

An examination board has apologised to A-level students and their teachers after a mix-up in recordings made it difficult for candidates to answer questions in Spanish and French exams taken this month.

Students sitting the Eduqas French modern foreign languages exams on Monday complained that recordings were out of order, making it more difficult to answer with confidence. The exam accounted for 50% of the final mark of the A-level paper.

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The Guardian view on the Mackintosh fire: how to rebuild is Scotland’s choice | Editorial

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 20:54
The Glasgow School of Art was a masterpiece, but promises to build a reproduction are premature

The gutting by fire of Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh building is a huge loss to Scotland and the world. The highly distinctive structure, completed in 1909, was Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterpiece. It is also the home of one of the UK’s most important art schools and a place beloved by students, many of whom have spoken in recent days of their shock and sadness. Neither the fact that the art school has a strongly Scottish identity, nor divisions between Scottish and UK politicians over Brexit, should obscure a shared sense of deep dismay.

That anger was also being expressed even before the fire was fully out is understandable, and right. A costly and painstaking £35m restoration was nearing completion, with timbers to match the originals sourced from a Massachusetts mill. An exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum, planned to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the architect’s birth, opened a few weeks ago. The refurbished Mackintosh-designed Willow Tea Rooms reopens in a fortnight; another tea room is one of the centrepieces of the new V&A in Dundee. Mackintosh was a one-off, his career a brilliant chapter in the story of Scottish and British art and design. Now the heart of Glasgow’s Mackintosh legacy has been ripped away.

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T-levels reinforce class hierarchy | Letters

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 19:53
Vocational education in the UK has always been seen as essentially for ‘other people’s children’, writes Michael Pyke, and Bernard Godding of the Educational Centres Association reflects on its role in addressing disadvantage

Chiding Fiona Millar for her pessimism about the new T-levels, Anne Milton MP, minister of state for skills and apprenticeships, assures us that “these exciting new qualifications ... are here to stay” (Letters, 16 June). She bases her optimism upon two factors: the care taken with the design of T-levels and the fact that they will be part of a “holistic” approach to technical education which will include the establishment of institutes of technology “that will offer ... technical training to degree standard”.

Leaving aside that some of this looks remarkably like a case of “back to the future”, the minister completely ignores the underlying reason for the failure of every single government attempt since 1945 to provide high-quality technical and vocational education: namely, the historical role of academic qualifications in reinforcing social class hierarchy. This became quite explicit in 2004, when the government rejected wholesale the excellent Tomlinson report, because its recommendations would have given equal status in the sixth form to both academic and vocational studies by incorporating both into the same school-leaver’s diploma. As Fiona Millar points out, vocational education in the UK has always been seen as essentially for “other people’s children”. T-levels, however well designed, won’t change this.
Michael Pyke
Lichfield, Staffordshire

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Bac 2018, LV1 : conseils et kit de survie pour réussir l’épreuve

lemonde_edu - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 19:53
Applis, quiz, vidéos de cours, conseils méthodos et erreurs à éviter... Avant l’épreuve de langue vivante 1, mercredi 20 juin après-midi, voici tous nos liens pour réviser et s’exercer.
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Miriam Griffin obituary

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 19:37
Oxford classical scholar and expert on Seneca who offered new insights into the torrid world of Roman imperial politics

The classical scholar and tutor Miriam Griffin, who has died aged 82, played a crucial role in getting readers to appreciate the philosophical writing of the ancient Romans in their historical context, in particular that of Seneca, the Stoic philosopher and tutor to the emperor Nero.

Seneca’s works had generally been viewed either as the self-exculpation of a hypocrite, parading his aspirations to virtue while pocketing Nero’s largesse, or as an unreliable compilation of ideas from earlier (otherwise lost) Greek Stoics. Miriam’s intellectual biography, Seneca: A Philosopher in Politics (1992), made a case for thinking about Seneca’s writing in its specifically Roman social, intellectual and political context, illuminating the particular dilemmas with which Stoic ideas enabled him to grapple.

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Young people 'see cannabis as safer than alcohol'

bbc education - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 18:58
As Lord Hague calls for a change in the law on cannabis, young people claim it is often seen as a "softer" stimulant.
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Half of workers think Britain has a 'class ceiling'

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 18:00

Study commissioned by Justine Greening reveals perception of bias against working class accents

Half of UK workers believe a regional accent and a working class background are barriers to success, according to a new study that revealed working class representation in leadership roles is as low as 17%.

The study was commissioned by the former education secretary Justine Greening, who said working class people still believed they encountered a “class ceiling” with too much emphasis placed on personal connections more likely to suit middle class candidates.

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Parcoursup : « Le vrai problème est celui de la place des filières sélectives dans l’enseignement supérieur »

lemonde_edu - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 16:16
Le SGEN-CFDT et la FAGE considèrent que la nouvelle plate-forme d’orientation ne fait que rendre visibles des problèmes existants. Ils préconisent dans une tribune au « Monde » la multiplication de passerelles entre les différentes filières.
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Stoke-on-Trent school may install washing machine over pupils' hygiene

bbc education - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 15:46
A study finds parents with children at primary school cannot afford cleaning products.
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'Impossible' French A-level exam 'a disgrace' say students

bbc education - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 15:42
Students fear it's 'au revoir' to university after Eduqas French paper
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Share your 2018 GCSE and A-level experiences

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 14:47

We’d like to hear from students, parents and teachers to find out how A-levels and GCSEs have worked this year

New style exams for GCSE and A-level students could cause distortion and volitility in results, according to regulator Ofqual.

Related: Stress and serious anxiety: how the new GCSE is affecting mental health

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Martyrs' relic, found in rubbish, returns to Catholic fold

bbc education - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 14:00
Waste company presents bone, said to be of a Pope executed 2,000 years ago, to Westminster Cathedral.
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What's it like to live in university halls?

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 13:57

Psychology student Becky Kenderdine spent her first year living in student halls at the University of Birmingham

When I first moved into student halls I was nervous and excited. I was nervous about what the people I was going to be living with would be like. But I was also excited about moving in with young people for the first time.

I live with four others and we were the last flat to arrive. Everyone else got there on Saturday, but we didn’t move in until Sunday, so it was a bit daunting. Our flat is on the top floor of our block and I remember thinking: “Oh my god, I have to walk up all these stairs.”

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Help your child apply to university: ‘Ask what inspires them’

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 13:57

Pin down their passions with an in-depth chat to get a shortlist; then it’s time to ace that application

When Sammie Scott, 18, began the application process, she found that practical support from her parents was key. “As much as university is my own decision, it will affect the rest of my family too,” she says. “I wanted to make sure they were evaluating things in the same way I was. It was really helpful for me to be able to talk to them about everything.”

In theory, the application process is simple. Confirm grades, choose courses and universities, write a personal statement, send the application off and wait. But in practice, the process for most students is far less cut and dried – and parents can play a big part in helping them to the right decision. “Begin discussions with your child early,” advises David Seaton, assistant director, student recruitment and admissions, University of Bedfordshire. “Be supportive, and listen to them.”

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Bulldoze or rebuild? Architects at odds over future of Glasgow School of Art

the guardian - Τρίτη, 19/06/2018 - 12:59

Ideas about what to do with the charred remains of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s range from restoration to a building ‘fit for the 21st century’

The smoke has barely cleared over the blackened carcass of the Glasgow School of Art, which was gutted by a fire on Friday night, but the architecture world is already alight with debate about what should come next.

To many, Glasgow without Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s finest work is unthinkable: his masterpiece must be reconstructed stone by stone, no matter the cost. But the extent of the destruction from the fire, which appears to have left only the stone facades standing, have led others to call for a new building to take its place.

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