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Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation that represents national organisations which promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. The Alliance, founded in 1982, is presently made up of full, associate and candidate members in 28 countries worldwide.

Each member organisation runs an annual programme of International Voluntary Projects in their own country and exchanges volunteers with each other following the Alliance Quality Charter that stresses on the added value of volunteering, its educational aspect and on following quality standards agreed by members.

Working Groups and Committees apart from promoting Alliance main principles, are also responsible for the implementation of the Plan on Action of the network as well as to develop initiatives and bring their ideas to the GA to be voted. Currently over 80 young volunteers, representing all 50 member organisations, are members of the network’s Working Groups and Committees with a 1-2 year mandate depending on the position they have in the group. The originality and innovation of the Alliance lies therefore in the fact that it has managed to guarantee its internal democratic function creating a structure that allows the widest participation on behalf of its member organisations.

Participation is a process through which members gain influence and share control over development initiatives and the decisions and resources that affect them. Participation improves the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of projects and strengthen membership.


In the Alliance, Participation is a basic element. Within the Alliance participation means:

  • Participating volunteers (volunteers are actors of the project) in work camps, long term voluntary services and in internal meeting
  • Voluntary work as a tool to improve active citizenship and democratic, political participation. The Alliance management was build up through active membership. Members voluntarily take responsibilities for relevant tasks, working groups and can be elected to executive positions
  • The third way participation is handled within the Alliance is as a specific topic to build up or improve skills to encourage participation on political or organizational level


Since the foundation of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations in 1982, the network developed from a technical platform of volunteer exchange towards a cooperative network.

From the Alliance Representation Plan

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