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Arguing for action: A guide for youth-led advocacy

Behind every move towards equality, human rights, and improving people’s lives, somewhere there is a great advocate at work. Whether it’s introducing free school meals for low-income families, building a skate park, saving a local library, or levying a cap on international carbon emissions, all progress, big or small, is the result of smart, committed, passionate people convincing those in a position of power to make a change.

This manual is intended as a guide for young people who are thinking of taking on that challenge, on behalf of their peers and their communities. Perhaps you want to reduce weekend traffic in your town centre, improve access to sex education, or challenge dis- crimination in your school or university. Whatever your mission, advocacy is an empowering, educational, and enriching experience. You’ll make connections with like-minded activists, form bonds with new groups in your community, learn more about an issue you feel strongly about, and tackle the powers that be. 

Click here to download the manual for free.

Wednesday, 17 June, 2015 - 15:45