Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom

About this course: Emerging technologies are quickly gaining momentum in the field of virtual K-12 instruction. In this course, we will explore how the latest trends in the use of technology affect student learning and engagement. What innovative learning spaces and tools are available to instructors? How can instructors best utilize free and open resources to more deeply engage students in their learning? What impact can the use of emerging technologies have on student retention and performance? We will discuss the possibilities and challenges of using technology in fully online environments, although many of the ideas can be applied to blended and traditional environments as well. Learners will compare and contrast tools for use in K-12 virtual instruction, as well as examine best practices for implementing and managing these tools.

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Melissa Loble

Taught by:    Melissa Loble, Instructor

UC Irvine Extension

Basic Info Course 2 of 5 in the
Virtual Teacher Specialization.
Commitment 2-4 hours/week
Language English
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Module 1
to the course! Begin by reading the Course Overview and familiarizing
yourself with our course. This week we will explore the role of
technology in virtual education, evaluating technologies for use, and
implementing technology in the virtual classroom.
ReadingAbout this Course
ReadingPre-Course Survey
ReadingWeek 1 Roadmap & Optional Resources
LectureWeek 1: The Role of Technology
LectureWeek 1: Types of Technologies
LectureWeek 1: Evaluating and Implementing
LectureWeek 1: Interview & Reflection with Melissa
QuizWeek 1 Quiz
Module 1
In week two, we will explore collaborative and social learning technologies. 
ReadingWeek 2 Roadmap & Optional Resources
LectureWeek 2: Learning Management Systems
LectureWeek 2: Asynchronous Discussions
LectureWeek 2: Synchronous Discussions
LectureWeek 2: Social Tools Overview
LectureWeek 2: Social Tools Examples
LectureWeek 2: Interview & Reflection with Melissa
LectureWeek 2: Strategies for Completing Peer Assessed Assignments
QuizWeek 2 Quiz
Module 1
week three, we will discuss game-based learning, badging, augmented
reality, and wearable technologies. You will also have the opportunity
to submit your assignment and evaluate three of your classmates' work.
ReadingWeek 3 Roadmap & Optional Resources
LectureWeek 3: Gamification and Game-based Learning
LectureWeek 3: Minecraft and Scratch
LectureWeek 3: Augmented Reality and Wearable Tech.
LectureWeek 3: Interview & Reflection with Melissa
ReadingAbout the Assignment
Peer ReviewEmerging Trend of Technology Refection Activity
QuizWeek 3 Quiz
Module 1
In week four, we will explore open educational content, web resources, and MOOCs in the context of K-12 education.  
ReadingWeek 4 Roadmap & Optional Resources
LectureWeek 4: Open Educational Resources
LectureWeek 4: MOOCs
LectureWeek 4: Open Science Resources
LectureWeek 4: Open English Language Arts Resources
LectureWeek 4: Open Business Resources
LectureWeek 4: Open Math Resources
LectureWeek 4: Digital Multimedia Applications and Resources for the Classroom
LectureWeek 4: Language Acquisition Resources
LectureWeek 4: Open Education Interview with Larry Cooperman
LectureWeek 4: Interview & Reflection with Melissa
QuizWeek 4 Quiz
Module 1
our last week, I'll share some final thoughts about virtual education.
Be sure to review the course material before taking the Final Exam. Good
ReadingWeek 5 Roadmap
LectureWeek 5: Final Course Reflection
QuizFinal Quiz
ReadingMessage from UC Irvine Extension
ReadingPost-Course Survey



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