Evolution: A Course for Educators

Created by:   American Museum of Natural History

Joel Cracraft

Taught by:    Joel Cracraft, Chair and Lamont Curator

Division of Vertebrate Zoology

David Randle

Taught by:    David Randle, Senior Manager of Professional Development

Education Department

Commitment 5-8 hours/week
Language English
How To Pass Pass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Module 1
LectureIntroduction to the Course
ReadingCourse Overview
Module 2
first module of the course introduces Charles Darwin’s revolutionary
concept of a “tree of life” depicting the evolution of all life from a
common ancestor; how evolutionary trees depict relations...
LectureEvolution: What It Is and Why It’s Important
ReadingCharles Darwin's Evidence for Evolution
LectureSpecies, Speciation, and the Tree of Life: Part 1
LectureSpecies, Speciation, and the Tree of Life: Part 2
ReadingThinking About Evolution: A Systematist's Perspective
ReadingBuilding the Tree of Life
LectureTeaching Evolutionary Science
QuizPhylogenetic Trees Practice Quiz
QuizModule Two Quiz
Module 1
will learn about Darwin’s second breakthrough: that adaptation via
natural selection is the basic mechanism of evolution. You’ll go behind
the scenes with Dr. Cracraft to see how evolutionary biol...
LectureDarwin's Theory of Natural Selection
LectureCo-Evolution: Part 1
LectureCo-Evolution: Part 2
ReadingBasic Processes of Evolution
LectureA Visit to the Ornithology Collections
LectureTeaching with the Next Generation Science Standards
LectureBuilding Phylogenetic Trees
QuizModule Three Quiz
LecturePeer-Graded Assignment: Evidence for Evolution
Peer ReviewPeer-Reviewed Assignment
Module 1
will learn about the role of extinction in evolution, and find out what
the relatedness of major groups of living things reveals about the
history of life. You’ll also watch videos of scientists a...
LectureThe History of LIfe
ReadingThe History of Life on Earth
LectureExtinction and Evolution
ReadingWhat Does Evo-Devo Tell Us About Evolution?
LectureScience Bulletins: Evolution in Action
LectureUsing Science Stories to Teach Evolution
QuizModule Four Quiz
Module 1
module explores the rich variety of hominids on the tree of life, along
with how and when different human species - including Homo sapiens -
migrated around the world. You’ll also learn strategie...
LectureHuman Evolution
LectureH. neanderthalensis, H. sapiens and the Peopling of the World
ReadingFrom Apes to Humans
ReadingHuman Evolution and the Emergence of Our Species
ReadingHow Evolution Saves Lives and Promotes Prosperity
LectureScience Bulletins: Expedition Rusinga
LectureTeaching Evolution
QuizModule Five Quiz
Module 2
LectureCourse Conclusion
ReadingOpportunities for Educators


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