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Global Volunteers

In 1984, Global Volunteers helped lay the foundation for what became known a decade later as "Volunteer Vacations." Our vision was simple: to wage peace and promote justice worldwide in such a way as to change lives. We engage short-term volunteers on long-term projects to create, nurture and sustain the wellbeing of the world's children - so they can realize the full promise of their human potential. That changes everything.

“Volunteerism is a wonderful thing. It brings people together in ways that are mutually beneficial on so many levels and always has the potential for experiences and human contact that are profoundly life-changing. A single spark can indeed start a prairie fire.”
- Bob Klepper, Encore Global Volunteer

Global Volunteers is a private, non-profit (501C-3) tax-exempt organization working at the invitation and under the direction of local leaders to deliver the 12 Essential Services to partner communities worldwide. By honoring local problem solving, we engage you in respectful, direct community service. These "people-to-people" initiatives succeed where simply writing a check often fails.

Our methods of volunteer engagement and program management set the standard for appropriate community service. We take acomprehensive, integrated approach to community development to catalyze sustained partnerships directed by local leaders, targeting at-risk children. Each program is evaluated frequently, and maintained over the long term. We choose our host partners thoughtfully, and prepare our volunteers carefully. Most important, Global Volunteers is led by experts grounded in development to ensure that the work we do genuinely contributes to communities for the better. When you work with us, you maximize your contribution as a "servant learner." That's how you change lives - yours and community members'.

Consultative Status With the United Nations and UNICEF 
Global Volunteers was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in 1999, and formalized a relationship with UNICEF in 2008. This positions Global Volunteers to represent local leaders in an international arena, and in turn, to share international advancements with community partners. We collaborate with United Nations agencies and programs to ensure the safety and development of children as we address hunger, poverty and educational needs in our partner communities worldwide.

Friday, 15 May, 2015 - 12:30