Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility

About this course

In this introductory course, learn how to measure an
organization’s ICT accessibility and assess the importance of
maintaining an inclusive workplace for both employees and customers with
disabilities. This six-week course consists of modules detailing some
of the primary ICT accessibility obstacles facing organizations today.
Each module is taught by a subject matter expert – through content-rich
videos, activities, and discussion forums.

Whether you work in the corporate, government or non-profit sector,
this course will enable you to identity ICT accessibility issues,
analyze specific needs, and evaluate possible solutions. As the world
becomes more technology driven, organizations of all sizes and sectors
touch ICT accessibility, whether through website design, document
creation, or multimedia utilization. Start outlining a plan to establish
and maintain an accessible enterprise operation today.

Join our instructors as we explore why, what, and how to integrate
accessibility design elements into your ICT organizational roadmap to
support equal access for all.

This ICT accessibility course will consist of six modules over a six
week term. Each module will consist of multiple video lessons. The
lesson videos will include instructional content, resources,
demonstrations, guest subject matter experts and personal interviews.
There will be at least one weekly activity assignment, two discussion
forum question postings and one graded ten question multiple-choice quiz
at the end of each module.

What you'll learn

  • Foundations of ICT accessibility.
  • Principles of accessible ICT design.
  • Identify the uses of assistive technology.
  • Create accessible documents and multimedia.
  • Evaluate and repair websites for accessibility.
  • Identify components of ICT accessibility operations.

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