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Created by:   University of Houston System

  • Bernard Robin

    Taught by:    Bernard Robin, Associate Professor

    Curriculum and Instruction

  • Sara McNeil

    Taught by:    Sara McNeil, Associate Professor

    Curriculum and Instruction

Level Beginner
Commitment 3-4 hours/week
Language English
How To Pass Pass all graded assignments to complete the course.


When will I have access to the lectures and assignments?

Once you enroll and purchase the course, you’ll have access to all content
once the session begins (for session-based course) or immediately (for
self-paced courses); if you choose to explore the course without
purchasing, you may not be able to access certain assignments. You can
watch the lectures and submit the assignments at any time that works for
you, although you should try to keep up with the suggested deadlines to
stay on track.

What if I need additional time to complete the course?

Not a problem - course schedules are flexible, and course fee payments
provide 180 days of full course access and Certificate eligibility.
Self-paced courses have suggested deadlines, but you won’t be penalized
for missing deadlines as long as you earn your Certificate within 180
days. Session-based courses may require you to meet deadlines to stay on
track; but if you fall behind, you can switch to a later session, and
any work you’ve completed will transfer with you.

What will I get if I pay for this course?

If you pay for this course, you will have access to all of the features
and content you need to earn a Course Certificate. If you complete the
course successfully, your electronic Certificate will be added to your
Accomplishments page - from there, you can print your Certificate or add
it to your LinkedIn profile. Note that the Course Certificate does not
represent official academic credit from the partner institution offering
the course.

Can I take this course for free?

You can access video lectures and certain assignments for free in all
courses. The free experience is intended to give you the opportunity to
explore the course and decide if it is something you wish to pursue. If
you do decide that you would like to complete the course, we encourage
you to upgrade your experience by purchasing the course, or to apply for
financial aid if you cannot afford the course fee.

What is the refund policy?

Youwill be eligible for a full refund until two weeks after your payment
date, or (for courses that have just launched) until two weeks after the
first session of the course begins, whichever is later. You cannot
receive a refund once you’ve earned a Course Certificate, even if you
complete the course within the two-week refund period. View our full refund policy.

Is financial aid available? Yes!
Coursera provides financial aid to learners who would like to complete a
course but cannot afford the course fee. To apply for aid, select
"Learn more and apply" in the Financial Aid section below the "Enroll"
button. You'll be prompted to complete a simple application; no other
paperwork is required.



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